Enzyme Classes – Shhhhh!!! Class is in session. . .

Six major classes of enzymes

enzyme classes wordle

Oxidoreductases – catalyses oxidation- reduction reactions

Transferases – catalyses the transfer of C,Nor Pcontaining groups

Hydrolases – catalyses the cleavage of bonds by the addition of water

Lyases – catalyses the cleavage of certain C-C, C-S and certain C-N bonds

Isomerases – catalyses the racemization of optical and geometrical isomers

Ligases – catalyses the formation of bonds between carbon and O, S, N coupled to hydrolysis of high energy phosphate. 

Cells Wordle

So cells are the smallest units capable of performing life functions. They differ in their shapes and sizes as a result of their different functions. Cells can be prokaryotes, containing no membrane-bound organelles, or eukeryotes, containing a variety of membrane-bound organelles. The cell was discovered by no other than Robert Hooke, which was followed by the formation of the cell theory by Matthias Schleiden, Theodor Schwann and Rudolf Virchow. Life originates with cells. I’m alive and full of cells, stem cell, blood cells, skin cells, you name it, I got it……..well not all of it  -_-   So do enjoy my wordle!

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